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Projects of VMA SC

We are a group of planning, design and project development consultants. Our divisions include Airports, Urban Planning, Culture and Governmental, Private Projects.
In our firm we try to see things differently. We define ourselves as designers and technologists, which mean that we di-vide our interests between urban planning, architecture and engineering. Each project is seen in the office as a creative challenge, but in broad holistic terms. In this regard, our design philosophy is based in the deconstruction of a problem; we analyze the parts, the interrelationships and finally the overall. What outstands in our practice is a truly systemic view of our clients design needs; each project is seen as a network of interdisciplinary components. We are not specialists, but the contrary. We are particularly unbiased and unbounded by genres. Our group has achieved intricate designs for large-scale projects: urban master plans, airports, resorts, museums, malls and office towers. But we craft with the same care and detail, smaller, meaningful projects like residences, shops, restaurants and even stands and canopies.
Since its foundation, the office has also consolidated as the one of the few firms specialized in airport design within Mex-ico. To date we have developed eleven projects for airport terminal, expansions, master plans, etc. Within this branch the company has expanded its horizons toward urban and regional mobility projects such as international bridges with the US or toll stations for concession highways.
In urban projects we have been continuously growing in the governmental and urban planning sector. VMA is currently developing the new Metropolitan Park in Mexico City, the new Center for the Federal Government in Villahermosa, the new Federal Palace in Torreon. The firm just completed the new Center and Museum for the National Heritage

Our goal is to contribute to the way technology and design are socially shaped and framed by the way we dwell and use. For us each design problem is also a technological one, and we as designers, must figure out how to build. In our firm we design each and every one of the structures that we use, we intervene in every technical aspect and propose construction logistics and strategies.