ARCHIPENDIUM von Architekten für Architekten

vora + virai arquitectos

vora is an architecture studio located in Barcelona since 2000. It is lead by Pere Buil and Toni Riba, both graduated from ETSAB in 2000.
We work on building and urban design projects of different scales and typologies. Our built works have received several awards and have been published in architectural magazines all over the world.
Our approach to design and the building process is both abstract and material. We are interested in reduction and materiality as a response to present challenges. We are also interested in traces and signs of the past as the remains of memory and their impact on collective identities.
We combine our professional work with teaching, curating and cultural activism.

Virai Arquitectos is an architectural design firm based in Madrid. Founded in 1998 after winning a competition for a large cultural and sports building in Madrid is led by Juan Manuel Herranz (Madrid, 1971) and Marta Parra Casado (Madrid, 1972), both graduated from the faculty of Architecture of the Polytechnical University of Madrid in 1999. They have given lectures and run architectural workshops in different universities in South America and Spain.
The practice has almost exclusively dedicated itself to architectural competitions and has been rewarded with several prizes and honorable mentions, most of which are already built.
Since 2006 the office has been increasingly focusing on sports and educational architecture, designing many primary and secondary schools throughout Spain. The approach takes into account not only the functionality of the typology but also the experience of the users and the surrounding context and tries to create a positive environment. Emotional conditions are key ingredients of the design process. Intuition is always important as a way to accelerate decision making.