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Williamson Chong Architects

Projects of Williamson Chong Architects

Williamson Chong is the Toronto architecture and design office of Donald Chong, Betsy Williamson, and Shane Williamson, experienced architects and academics committed to using both built and unbuilt work as vehicles to explore diverse agendas associated with research and practice. Their design approach privileges specificities of context, materials research, building performance, and client-based collaboration. Williamson Chong’s work ranges from furniture and installations to master plans and buildings, with a particular emphasis upon employing advanced digital tools as a means to engage architectural craft as expressed through the synthesis of emerging technologies with traditional methods of construction.

Williamson Chong was selected for the 2014 Emerging Architectural Practice Award by the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada and 2014 Emerging Voices Award by the Architectural League of New York.  Betsy Williamson was also named a finalist for the Architects’ Journal 2015 Emerging Woman Architect of the Year Award. The firm was also honored to have three projects selected for the 2014 Residential Architect Design Awards.