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wUrck architectuur stedenbouw landschap BV

Projects of wUrck architectuur stedenbouw landschap BV

Since its foundation in 2006 wUrck integrates architecture, urbanism, and landscape into design and research projects. The diverse backgrounds of the four partners ensure a multidisciplinary approach in everything we do.

In the wUrck studio on the Nieuwe Maas river our compact and effective team works on a wide variety of projects ranging from small-scale objects up to strategic master planning for a variety of clients within and outside of the Netherlands.

wUrck directs but also dares to share: the office works within a network of complementary supporting specialists ensuring a fit-to-project team for every assignment.

wUrck is simultaneously critical and pragmatic. We are inspired by the changing relationship between citizen, government, and market, and work from the conviction that an open dialogue with all stakeholders leads to the best vision, the best design, and the best built result.

In the wUrckview architecture, urbanism, and landscape form one continuum in which scale is a relative notion. The creation of perspective forms the guideline for our projects and actions. A better living environment – more sustainable and more appealing – that is what we strive for…