ARCHIPENDIUM von Architekten für Architekten




We are a team of visionary architects who have received their trainings in the most prominent institutionsin their fields. We have completed numerous architectural, interior architectural and shopfitting projects around the world, including in Istanbul, where our headquarter is located.

The projects we completed as YOO Architecture so far, have instantly became success stories, bringing,in turn, even more projects to our company. we owe this success to the creative and practical solutions we conceptualize during the design phase and to the high performance we maintain during the construction phase.

In time, we have accumulated a wide portfolio, especially on hospitality, retails and office projects. As our experience on architectural designs and interior contracts had expanded, so did our team and its capabilities. we have constantly strived for better, since “a great team always finds a way to win.”


Every “entity” begins with a mere “possibility”.for us, each new design begins with the correct definition and moulding of these possibilities,and tailoring solutions satisfying the needs of the brand. while creating these solutions, we thoroughly consider the experiences we gathered in our prevıous projects, and provide advisory services for our clients.

We design our projects with a high level of awareness; hence, the transformation from the
draft into solid, real world schemes can be carried out easily and fast. in doing this, we quickly adopt to projects of different scales and explore the possibilities around them …

We provide our companies an all around , complete service to bring their dream projects into actual business set-ups, which we call “a 360-degree service”. this service includes analysing the field, carrying out the relevant controls and the implementation. We undertake all coordination tasks and make their businesses easy to navigate and more pleasant for our clients.

Furthermore, keeping companies’ the needs and requirements at the centre of our projects, We offer the most reasonable prices on the basis of price-performance equilibrium.

As we work with international luxury companies, we provide our client wide options in matters such as effective material substitution.


One of the secrets of providing hıgh-class services is to be a perfectionist when it comes to following the schedules and time restrictions. How do we achieve this?

For every project, the companies are designated with a private representative. Thus, they can easily follow the entire project. We use our time in the most efficient way — durıng both the design and construction phases- due to our strong network and global supply chain. consequently, performing under harsh deadlines has never proved a challenge for us.

We consider after-sales services as an integral part of the project. We are always with our clients whenever they may face an impediment, providing the fastest, most qualified after-sales service possible.

As a natural outcome of all above said, you will see a selective collection of shop, office and hotel projects we designed and constructed, on the following pages…