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Balance Wellness Studio

Balance Wellness Studio

AMP Capital needed a design concept that would transform the dilapidated ground-floor shell of its Bourke Street office block into a sleek wellness studio with an industrial aesthetic.

The brief was to create two key zones; one preparation area with change rooms, storage and a water station, and the main studio for yoga, pilates and exercise classes. Our design team took a holistic approach to these requirements, drawing on an earthy colour palette and clever spatial planning to create a calming atmosphere and encourage a fluid journey throughout the space.

We created an inviting entry zone with ambient feature lighting, comfortable seating and a large roundtable for touchdown use, while storage and water facilities were cleverly positioned for easy access to the change rooms and studio. The studio itself is concealed behind a decorative timber screen, creating a serene haven that is balance by name and by design.

















Balance Wellness Studio

  • Melbourne
  • Australia
Completion: 2019
Used materials
  • Plastering

Type of Building

Architect Office