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Brih Villa

Brih Villa

Project Description

This project is a single-family house, in the Chouf, Mount Lebanon. The concept was to subdivide the program into three different platforms, organized as terraces. The main entrance is on the ground level. The separate slabs frame the outdoor space of the villa, connected by circulation spaces and other functions.

The project derives its simplicity from the existing typology of traditional architecture of the context. It seeks to embed itself discretely into the topography, by breaking up the building components. The building transforms the traditional housing typology by opening up to the landscape, while retaining some of its essential attributes. By distributing the house components within several platforms, it recreates various spaces (patios, passages, walks) that appear in traditional villages, while adopting the landscape as a form generator. The house avoids to project a ‘monumental’ image that disrupts the character of the place, focusing on the characteristics of the landscape.


Brih Villa

  • Chouf
  • Lebanon
Completion: 2016
Used materials
  • Stone

Type of Building

Architect Office