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It is built directly on the rocks, on a site which slopes gently to a thin strip of sand and then to the sea. Since no foundations were necessary the natural levels of the ground were used.

It is a square „bunker“ of reinforced concrete, cut on the north-cost side (façade) by an open patio, onto which the large French-windows of the living-room open, facing the sea.

The central space of the house has been used to make the living-dining-kitchen area, the separation of each different area being marked by the natural levels.

A large chimney is built into the dividing wall between living-room and kitchen opening onto both. There is a large barbecue in the backyard of the kitchen patio.

All four bedrooms have individual French-windows (opening onto the landscape and the sea), connecting bathrooms, and doors leading into the living-room.

Thus, a complete independence of circulation and communication is achieved.

The bedroom French-windows have a sheltered area, provided by the space existing between the slanting outer-wall and the frame of the window itself, which can be used for sunning, reading or resting.

The different levels which the ground provided have been used to built in beds, tables, seats, wardrobes, niches, and in some cases bathtubs.

The material used are basic, elementary and inexpensive: reinforced concrete for external walls and floors (varnished with clear varnish in the case of floors) simple lime for inner walls, anodized aluminum for frames of doors and windows.



  • Punta Cannone, La Maddalena
  • Sardinia
  • Italy
Completion: N/A
Used materials
  • Wood
  • Plastering
  • Concrete

Type of Building

Architect Office