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Casa MK

Casa MK

Project Description

The land is located in a residential area in the city of Guadalajara, on a hillside at the center of two ravines, resulting an area of whimsical shapes and topographies. These aspects coupled with the regulations of the area gave the pattern to solve the program, by arranging two rectangular volumes.

The first volume is longitudinal, leaning over the other, generating a large body in cantilever which marks the entrance to the house and solves the garage. In this access level, the entrance hall, family room and guest room are located.

The large volume that remains suspended houses the private areas of the project, it runs along the facade parallel to the street, allowing us the use of metal louvers to control the views and lighting. Due to the horizontality of the volume, 4 bedrooms have natural ventilation and lighting, as well as they enjoy the views of the canyons.

The other volume is set in the ground on the same slope and foundation of the house to accommodate public activities allowing full opening of these spaces to the garden. At this level, making use of the easement areas, independent access linking the cellars and garages with room service is generated.


Casa MK

  • Guadalajara, Jalisco
  • Mexico
Completion: 2013
Used materials
  • Metal
  • Wood

Type of Building

Architect Office