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Casa Salto

Casa Salto

Project Description

Built on a 2,500-m2 site and reaching 650 m2 of built area, this large summerhouse was built in Salto, a city in São Paulo’s countryside.

The house’s irregular shape and horizontally distributed rooms were the consequence of a decision to make the best possible use of sunlight and landscape.

With the exception of the laundry area and the bedrooms, all rooms are adjacent and integrated to one another. It is the geometry of the plan itself — rather than walls — that separates the rooms.

While the social rooms with a view to the valley are shielded by glass, the westward façade is protected from sunset light by brise-soleils. Facing the neighboring houses, windowless façades drive away visitors’ looks, ensuring privacy and dispensing with walls altogether.


Casa Salto

  • Salto
  • Brazil
Completion: 2010
Used materials
  • Wood
  • Glass

Type of Building

Architect Office