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CUBE Savognin

CUBE Savognin

Project Description

As a mountain bike, I have most fun when I’m whizz-ing cross country, over meadows and bumpy trails, rocks and riverbeds, mud and puddles, as long as it’s downhill. I’m simply not made for standing still.

Of the many places that cater for mountain bikes, the CUBE Savognin appeals to me the most. It’s also called “Bikers‘ Heaven”. The workshop team here doesn’t just sit and wait for something to need repairing. No, I am taken care of every time I cross the threshold of the hotel. Freshly showered, I roll through the whole hotel on ramps, until I reach the place where I can show off my shiny splendour the most: My room is like a veritable showroom!

I have to put up with being with all the other sports equipment there, as my rider doesn’t yet want to share his bedroom with me. He prefers to explore the wide range of facilities that the thoroughly modern building has to offer. Maybe he will climb up the façade of the glass cube? Maybe he’s going back and forth between the sauna and the sun loungers? Or perhaps he’s just chilling out. The lounge is enormous, as well as the LED screens and the fireplace, which ensure it stays pleasantly warm. As the hotel has accommodation for 270 people, it doesn’t take much to fuel a party atmosphere. I expect my rider will party the night away. That’s fine by me, we’ll get to ride in a cable car tomorrow then!

>>> Facts: The CUBE Savognin is also called “Bikers‘ Heaven” and rightly so.







CUBE Savognin

  • Veia Sandeilas 12
  • Savognin
  • Switzerland
Completion: 2004
Used materials
  • Metal

Type of Building

Architect Office