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Energy Living

Energy Living

Project Description

This building located on southeast side of Medellin, materializes through the addition of rectangular prisms which are grouped in different heights to find the best direction to different places in the city. The program provides housing solutions for single people or couples, with 71 apartments between 53 and 130 m2 of area, with modular and flexible designs spaces that allow different inhabit typologies.

The project opens its perimeter through terraces, balconies and windows overlooking intentionally targeted sites. The arrangement of these prisms generates various scenarios: Views to the south and north of the valley, the river, the nearby mountains, to the far western hills, to the metropolis of concrete and brick. At altitude the building is composed of a game of full and empty and various typologies of apartments that emphasize individuality over repetition.
The architectural plan is a square of 21 x 21 m, the vertical circulations and technical areas are located in the center of the building to occupy the perimeter with the apartment units. The base is a volume that emerges from the prisms and defines the facade facing toward the entrance lane, creating a transition between urban and private. At the lobby, there is a restaurant, administrative areas and lounges. Social areas of the building are located on the last floor where the gym and wet areas are located overlooking the city.

1 | Rectangular volume, which is divided by the number of floors permitted by regulation.

2 | roup of levels to generate a rhythm in the facade, two or more levels are integrated, leaving simple levels in between.

3 | The simple levels are pulled back with the intention of forming separate volumes.

4 | In order to guide the views to different parts of the city and the mountains surrounding the valley two facades are open to the outside.

5 | The openings are oriented to the north – south direction and east -west direction.

6 | To emphasize the geometry, some boxes are moved inwards and outwards.


Energy Living

  • Medellín
  • Colombia
Completion: 2015
Used materials
  • Glass
  • Concrete

Type of Building

Architect Office