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Fox Hollow

Fox Hollow

Project Description

The architecture was created for a horse woman who had owned the property in Paso Robles, California for over 25 years.  The area of Fox Hollow is as follows: 4,357 sq. ft. living space; 795, sq. ft. service garage; 418 sq. ft. truck garage; 629 sq. ft. guest garage.

The home took 5 years to plan and build, and integrates a tree covered knoll as part of the final design. The overall site is 320 acres on the west side of Paso Robles in Central California. The home was completed in 2014; we waited a year for the landscape to mature and photographed the home in the summer of 2015. The architecture is designed, integrated and woven around 3 multi-trunked oak trees, with views overlooking the surrounding country of over 270 degrees. Major overhangs cantilever 25’ to 75’ and embrace and frame the existing landscape. The structure is basically a post and beam construction, created in steel.

I-beams used in the roof weigh 227lbs per linear foot and are 2’- 4’ deep, all welded in place. The roof is concrete because the winds can reach up to 85 mph and the weight was needed to protect the overhangs. All leaded designed doors and windows are by the architect.

All design work was done by hand and only by me. Starting with a program given to me by the client a floor plan is created, delineated and drafted. I start by creating a scale model – not knowing what the architecture will look like until the model is finished. During this process I study each space individually and determine what it should feel like. After 4 to 8 months the model is finished. At that time I meet with my clients to review and have it approved. After approval we scale everything off the model and create the working drawings. It then goes to the engineer for structural calculations and finally out to the site to build with the working drawings. This approach has been my working process since 1975. I do not believe in using computer generated design because the program uses many thoughts by many people and is not original enough for this architect. I must put pencil to paper, using my thoughts only.

My collaborators are as follows:   Robert Wright, Interior Designer,  McCormick and Wright,  John Durant, Architectural Photographer,   SDSE Structural Engineers, Melissa Kroskey Structural Engineer,   Landscape Architect, Greg Stone,    Michel Cam,General Contractor. All photo credits belong to John Durant, Architectural Photographer and should read photo: John Durant.

Norm Applebaum, Architect – 2016


Fox Hollow

  • Paso Robles, California
  • United States
Completion: 2014
Used materials
  • Wood
  • Glass

Type of Building

Architect Office