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House 13

House 13

Located in West Jakarta, House 13 aims to accommodate a comfortable residential living by utilizing the simple lines of modern architecture. With the client not wanting to be constantly dependent on air-conditioning, Insada designed House 13 to have a working cross ventilation so that natural breezes are able to cool the main living spaces.

House 13 is oriented in the north-south direction with 3 sides blocked by neighboring houses. With only one south-facing façade to work with, the façade needed to be designed to be able to bring ample amount of light, as well as opening up to allow fresh air to come in. The main façade is made out of low-e glass curtain wall with operable module on each end comprised of aluminum extrusions, perforated metal sheet, and sliding glass door. Sliding door allows the breeze to come in, perforated metal sheet acts as an insect screen and aluminum extrusions is there for additional security purposes. On the opposite end, to allow air out is a three-story space with skylight and equipped with ventilation bricks. With this configuration, first and second floor of the house is constantly cooled passively.

On the ground floor, the house accommodates a flexible space for play or work and maid’s quarters. Maid’s quarters’ massing is set independently, creating access in between the ceiling and the mass for fresh air to run through the long axis of the house. The second floor hosts an open plan of kitchen, living, and dining space that allows cross ventilation to work. The sleeping quarters located in the third floor are the only spaces that are able to be fully sealed for air conditioning purposes.


House 13

  • Jakarta
  • Indonesia
Completion: 2017
Used materials
  • Metal
  • Glass

Type of Building

Architect Office