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House | ER

House | ER

Project description

Situated 70km northwest of Brasília and placed in a strategic site, the house is placed in the highest part of the property and pointed for the contemplation of the valley that composes the unique landscape of the region. A pavilion of simple design and reduced spaces, 250 m2 in total. Designed in linear shape that is accommodate between heavy stone walls, two bedrooms, one bathroom, living room/dining room, kitchen and open service area under the ceramic roof witch configures the horizontal planes of the house in opposition to the vertical stone walls.

The openings, doors and windows, follow the same principle based on a composition of planes, which give unit to the house and granting a harmonic rhythm, characterized by the open and closed planes of the same size that define the façade and its austerity. Ensuring the constant ventilation and thermic comfort to the interior as they open to the exuberant landscape.


House | ER

  • Padre Bernardo
  • Brazil
Completion: 2016
Used materials
  • Wood

Type of Building

Architect Office