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House Vision

House Vision

When I thought about „window“, I thought that „cross section“ might have infinite possibilities.

So, I decided to consider again from the composition of the window.

Everyone can understand by watching the window, but its composition is determined by the physical role.

Consider the window which is the boundary between the building space and the earth’s space as „section“.

If you carefully observe the „cross section“ with a microscope, you can find many „whereabouts“ like „edge side“ there.

The place called the edge side plays an important role of connecting the space of architecture and the space of the earth.

At the same time, it is also an important place to connect „people and architecture“ „people and the earth“ „people and people“.

When entering this building, a „window“ is set up in a place like a living room.

The „window“ has „depth“ as if the cross section of the window was expanded, so there are various „places“ there.

The space is „between“ the space of the building and the space of the earth, and it is also between „furniture“ and „architecture“.

As you enter the window, you can experience where there is a place.

Such a mysterious space is set up there and spreading.

As the „cross section“ of the „window“ becomes a diverse location, windows that were only at the boundary between the inside and outside will change to a new concept.

Both inside and outside, the concept of a new „window“ with a gentle gradation on each is born.

If this new concept diffuses all over the world like a virus, I think that it already infects windows all over the world and it will be able to revamp the present state of the earth.

I call such an invention a „good virus“ and I hope that you imagine the world of the future in which it spread.


House Vision

  • Koto-ku
  • Tokyo
  • Japan
Completion: 2016
Used materials
  • Wood

Type of Building

Architect Office