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K.B. Hallen

K.B. Hallen

The original K.B. Hall – a cultural icon and generator for big events since 1938 – burned to the ground in 2011. Now, the hall has been resurrected. Not as a copy of the old hall, but as a modern architectural reinterpretation. The new K.B. Hall can accommodate up to 4950 guests and offers a new and flexible frame of functions satisfying the requirements of a contemporary event and sports hall.

Central to the overall experience of the hall, the art piece “Buen” by light designer Viera Collaro is adorning the inner concrete gable shining bright and colourful through the glass façade above the main entrance of the hall.

When guests arrive, they move across the new forecourt towards the hall’s luminous and open entrance, where a spacious foyer offers them inside and further into the main space of the hall. Wide stairs lead up to the first floor, where a series of lounge areas work as a square frame around the building’s primary barrel-shaped construction.

The hall is designed according to three basic elements:
– The Arch is the great unifying roof recreating the iconic expressions of the old hall and maintaining a harmonious connection to the older, underlying halls.
– The Gable is the new gable with a front towards the main street of the area, which, unlike the one from the old hall, is in glass with a clear view to the inner life of the hall.
– The Disc, which contain the hall’s bar and lounge area, is a huge cantilevered steel structure carried by the heavy concrete construction and cladded with handmade white tiles.

Natural and solid materials such as bamboo, handmade tiles and concrete cast on site have consistently been used. Their glow and texture give the hall a special sense of materiality.







K.B. Hallen

  • Frederiksberg
  • Denmark
Completion: 2018
Used materials
  • Concrete

Type of Building

Architect Office