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The idea of the Komorebi house is conceived by the “sunlight filtering through the leaves” and long avenues of dense tree canopies forming the approach to the site.

KOMOREBI (Japanese) (n.): Sunlight shining through the trees. A combination of four Japanese characters, it eloquently captures the essence of a phenomenon which cannot easily be expressed in English.

This very phenomenon was captured by the amalgamation of perforated mesh along with the inspirational lines taken from the greens around forming the building skin at lower levels. Set on a 4500 Sqft plot, the villa was designed for a family of six suited to the lavish milieu in a cozy enclave. Tailoring to the specific requirements of the user the villa was designed in 3 volumes stacked atop one another, with ground floor forming the core leading to more private spaces on the upper floors.

The Entrance Foyer cladded with stone in random pattern advances to reveal a dramatic double height Entrance Lobby connecting the living and dining areas. The formal living areas is emblazoned with the tree lined screens that not only act as a shield from the sun’s heat, but also introduces an enticing interplay of lights and shadow throughout the day. Further accentuating the overall design is artful Zen-inspired court with a large Buddha statue, highlighted by the natural light that trickles in from the intricate fenestration.

The dining area is flanked with an open kitchen and a connecting Lily pond which seamlessly blurs the lines between interiors and landscape.

Traversing to the upper floors, are the bedrooms & the entertainment areas. The bedrooms are best planned as luxurious and spacious with en-suite bathroom and a walk-in wardrobe. The material palette is subtle with elements highlighting the urban feel of the bedroom.

The Entertainment area has a Private Theater with an open gymnasium on the 1st floor. The theatre is flanked by movie posters recreated by local graphic artists which adds a unique character to the space.

There is a semi-open lounge on the 2nd floor, accentuated by a double height wooden roof, reminiscent of the trees surrounding the area. The deck of the lounge overlooks to a vast expanse of tree canopies. The lounge is adorned by a 40 feet wide graffiti of Elvis Presley which is an ode to the rock and roll days, created on site by local artists. The entire area is highlighted by synchronized LED’s that can change with the mood for the area . The furniture is fluidically designed, with a professional bar counter, setting the tempo of the space to something unique, to an otherwise busy neighborhood.



  • Bengaluru
  • India
Completion: 2017
Used materials
  • Metal
  • Concrete

Type of Building

Architect Office