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Mountain View House

Mountain View House

Project Description

This one-family residence is surrounded by nature, overlooking the Austrian Alps. It is located in a small village more than 800 metres above sea level, connected with the famous skiing region of Kitzbuehel.

This hillside home features three levels of living space in a stepped design, following the layout of the site’s steep slope. The main entrance is located on the street side and leads to an open space in the mid-level area with a stunning view – a panelled glass wall overlooks the valley and the mountains as far as the eye can see. Inside the living spaces and the master bedroom it feels like you are floating out into the distant landscape. The residence takes on different shapes depending on the viewer’s standpoint, due to its playful design of the gable roofs that echoes the shape of nearby mountain peaks. The lowest level is earthier and darker, but still provides access to spectacular views, opening directly onto an outside terrace. The landscape around the house is shaped into terraces that follow the natural terrain, while each has its own purpose – sauna, whirlpool bath, leisure area, garden, orchard… The house is shielded from views in and open only to the landscape and the sky.

The interiors are modern, full of natural light and colours, with different combinations of materials that exude a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Going down the stairs you can see a large living area that opens towards a spacious kitchen and dining area on the left and a luxurious sleeping area on the right. In the interior, concrete surfaces dominate the living areas, but at the same time they are balanced with the gentle undertones of the wooden elements. There is an element of surprise – while we usually use wood for flooring and decorative concrete for the ceilings, here the situation is reversed.The basement area has a very different character. The main space is designed as a traditional room for celebrations and friendly gatherings. It is complemented by a wine cellar, guest bedrooms and a fitness room and offers direct access to an outside terrace.



Mountain View House

  • Kitzbühel
  • Austria
Completion: 2015
Used materials
  • Wood
  • Concrete

Type of Building

Architect Office