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New Administration Building at Institute of Mental Health

New Administration Building at Institute of Mental Health

Project Description

Comprising two building wings interconnected by link bridges suspended over a central landscaped courtyard, the 4-storey development integrates open-plan offices with collaborative‘break-out’ spaces.

Providing ample opportunities for relaxation, recreation and socialisation, the proposed building form allows users to ‘momentarily detach’ from work and engage in brief activities of ‘play’ for a quick recharge. Staggered across floors, these collaborative link bridges define each floor uniquely, implying varied patterns of circulation to add interest and non-conformity to daily routines.

The two building wings each comprises column-free floor plates that maximise flexibility in office layouts, well serving the closely-knit operations of the development, where staff from nine different departments specialising in various fields of mental healthcare are working alongside one another.

Criss-crossing the central courtyard space, the link bridges are an interesting display of architectonic forms, presenting a vibrant outlook for the administration building. Such a breakdown of the building massing also facilitates a sustainable mode of passive climatic control, enabling natural ventilation to channel through the sheltered courtyard. A comfortable micro-climate is set up within this courtyard space, encouraging user participation.

A landscape deck construction – over which the sunken carpark is tucked – is utilised to capitalise on the existing drop in land profile, minimising need for basement excavation, leading to significant savings in both construction time and cost. A larger portion of the construction budget can then be allocated to areas that have a more direct, positive impact on user experience.

Natural daylight readily permeates the building depth, decreasing reliance on mechanical means of lighting and ensuring long-term environmental sustainability. The availability of daylight throughout the building interior boosts staff morale by bringing the outdoors in closer reach to every user.


New Administration Building at Institute of Mental Health

  • Buangkok View
  • Singapore
Completion: 2014
Used materials
  • Glass
  • Concrete
  • Stone

Type of Building

Architect Office