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Nieuwbouw Vakantiewoning

Nieuwbouw Vakantiewoning

Project Description

The holiday house is tucked away in the edge of a forest along a sandy track near Ommen with an unobstructed panorama of fields, woods and ‘Lemelerberg’. The starting point of the design was to do justice to the rural surroundings, and to create as large a space as possible, but at the same time to achieve optimal height within the limits of the maximum volume of 350 m³. The view towards the open space and the orientation on the rising sun were leading in the design. The prospect on the landscape is different from every room.

An eye-catching central element in the spacious living room is the wood burner surrounded by an iron railing. The glass dividing walls of the living room provide a view of the two bedrooms and the half open kitchen. A cosy little extra bedroom has been created under the rafters, which is accessible by means of a movable wooden ladder. The bathroom with shower and second toilet is en suite with the master bedroom. The sloping roofs and the longer perimeter walls are fitted with corrugated Eternit Ecolor, and the gables with Accoya sidings. The extension volumes are covered with EPDM. The detached shed is also covered with EPDM, provided with netting to support climbing plants. The whole house is fitted with under-floor heating, and a solar boiler and PV-panels save energy.


Nieuwbouw Vakantiewoning

  • Giethmen
  • Netherlands
Completion: 2013
Used materials
  • Wood

Type of Building

Architect Office