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Project description

Set in the dry and arid industrial context next to a busy state highway, the structure is a small and sole workspace of a young CEO at the threshold of his vast industrial estate. The proposed design is an attempt to represent the client’s aspiration to reach out to the world for his business expansion while marking his presence amongst his competitors. Key aspect here was to provide high standards of comfortable work environment to its main user and to his esteemed visitors

The challenge was responded with a simple unified form floating above the ground housing a reception, a conference area, CEO cabin and private rest area. The workspace is designed to specifically suit the industrial functionality of the client’s nature of work with visual connectivity to his entire unit at all times. Built with a concrete frame structure the building is partially cladded with the yellow colored local stone – ‘Ita Gold’ to add a sense of vibrancy to the main recessed reflective double glazed façade. The dark colour on the exteriors and extended floating plinth helped to achieve an urban contemporary edge in the overall appearance of the building.

The plan organization driven by ‘Vastu’ (Indian Vedic Science of Buildings) is a linear arrangement of spaces connected by a corridor.  The materials used for the interiors is a combination of traditional and contemporary materials. Contemporary finishes such as monolithic concrete MicroTopping Floor, rusty ironic paints, back painted glass and stainless steel compliments the natural materials like customized hexagonal pieces of Ghana teak as backdrop wall, Bidasar stone (local stone) mosaics and finger-joint wood (discarded residual wood) to create a juxtaposed collage of different materials.

It was a great experience to execute the design working with the different local agencies with limited exposure to contemporary details and finishes.



  • Chhatral, Gujarat
  • India
Completion: 2015
Used materials
  • Metal
  • Wood

Type of Building

Architect Office