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Podium at Menlyn

Podium at Menlyn

Project Description

Aspired to incorporate a triangular geometry into the use of low-maintenance materials. The use of a triangular geometry in the design of the curtain wall was one that was simplistic, however remained only 2 dimensional. Concrete was the obvious choice of material in order to achieve a third dimension to the triangular forms of the façade. The raw concrete is juxtaposed with the smooth glazed curtain wall which creates a harmonious balance in the design.

This seamless triangular union was inspired by ancient engraved artworks found in the Blombos Caves on the Southern Cape coast of South Africa. This symbolizes a bridge between a 77 000 year old culture and the future of South Africa. The abstract design is produced as a modular unit that can be configured into a geometric grid, making the implementation of the design an exact science and representing a synthesis of mathematics, symbolic systems and art.


Podium at Menlyn

  • Pretoria
  • South Africa
Completion: 2012
Used materials
  • Glass

Type of Building

Architect Office