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Staggered House

Staggered House

Project Description

The neoclassic house is located in the downtown area of Athens, Exarcheia, and it functioned as a local tavern for many years.
The concept concentrated in transforming the house into a modern single-family residence while maintaining its character. Its compressed size and the lack of light in the space were two inherent issues that needed our attention.

We created stacked loft spaces taking advantage of the great interior height available, in order to increase the size of the space. And we transformed the space from really dark to bright with the addition of skylights and by creating an open plan condition.
We maintained its character with the attentive selection and refurbishment of the materials used, old and new, remaining at their natural form. All the existing materials were revealed and the new ones were carefully added making it as warm as possible for the family to live in.



Staggered House

  • Athens
  • Greece
Completion: 2015
Used materials
  • Stone

Type of Building

Architect Office