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EM House

EM House

Project Description

The client requested a residence in a private section of Zapopan for a family of four members. After the analysis of the program made, and as the family has teenager children, we conclude that the house had to have various levels of simultaneous interaction. With independent spaces that could eventually participate in the same event by joining each other to greater capacity for visitors.
By taking advantage of the natural land topography (an upslope of approximately 2 meters) allowed us to have three levels from street. In the first half-buried part, the garage and a studio with bathroom with direct access from the street were allocated, which can operate by receiving visitors (social) or as a guest room if needed without interfering with the rest of the house program.

The ground floor is arranged as a crujia with a central courtyard that functions as large foyer and a distributor of it, that immediately connects with the terrace, the garden and the living room with folding windows that facilitate spaces fusion. At the other part of the crujia take place the kitchen, laundry and services.
Upstairs level is defined by two gaps: the foyer and double height of the dining room that organize the private space. At the southern end the master bedroom is located, at the center as a filter the family TV room, and finally, at the front of the property the two children’s bedrooms.
The volumetric language commits to sobriety and unique treatment of its parameters: glass, stone, wood and white mortar plaster. This is in contrast to the abundant vegetation and selected view of the land with a diamond shape.


EM House

  • Guadalajara
  • Mexico
Completion: 2013
Used materials
  • Wood
  • Glass
  • Plastering
  • Concrete

Type of Building

Architect Office