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Technogym Village

Technogym Village

Project Description

The main strength of the area chosen for the creation of the Technogym Village is its location not far from the A14 motorway, Cesena exit.

Since the façade of the building faces the motorway, these facilities benefit from great visibility and will become a reference point for car drivers. Furthermore, vehicles enjoy easy access. The „Technogym Village”, comprising office buildings, a wellness centre and the laboratories of the R&D group, looks out onto the park. The new office building, a linear development stretching 200 metres along the industrial building and spread over four floors, provides a total surface area of about 10,700m² and will be erected next to the production site, in order to complement the functional units that have been included in the largest Technogym project.

The main entrance is through the park, near the most representative area that encompasses the management rooms and the auditorium. A big, curved roof in lamellar wood and the continuous façade in wood and glass, facing the park, enrich this building which, generally speaking, has a very simple and economic structure, featuring a mixture of prefabricated elements in steel and reinforced concrete. Inside the building, the offices are organised on two different sides: the south side, towards the park, is shaded against the sun by the presence of the curved roof, whereas the north side, more operational, looks out over the undulating roof of the factory. The central area of the office building hosts the services, communal spaces for meetings and open-space work areas, while along the façades there are the individual, closed offices. In line with the concept of “wellness”, this project underlines the relationship between the inside of the building and the outside facing the park, by means of transparent indoor partitions and the use of high-performance natural materials, such as wood and glass. The site is complemented by the “Wellness Centre”, a building with an elliptical plan covering 2,700m², connected to the offices situated near the main entrance. A gym and a SPA are housed in the area on two levels, which have been entirely designed in structural wood, with transparent walls facing the park.


Technogym Village

  • Cesena
  • Italy
Completion: 2012
Used materials
  • Wood
  • Glass

Type of Building

Architect Office