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Wynyard Walk

Wynyard Walk

In the heart of Sydney sits Wynyard Walk: a fully accessible pedestrian link designed around the concept of ‘flow’. The design challenges the perception of a transport interchange, shifting the emphasis from efficiency of travel to the quality of experience, with the forms optimised to capture the largest volume of space and ease pedestrian movements through its curved profiles, rounded corners and sinuous forms.

Linking Wynyard Station to the western corridor of Sydney’s CBD, Wynyard Walk consists of a series of above and below ground urban interventions including a nine-metre wide pedestrian tunnel, bridge, plaza and a new civic building connecting the existing Wynyard Station.

The design concept of flow draws on the natural geology of the Sydney Basin, with its landscape of deep cliffs, gorges, beaches and estuaries carved by erosion. A metaphor for the fluid flow of pedestrians, the design references the movement of water as, like water, people follow the path of least resistance. The linearity of movement is reinforced through materials and detailing to enhance wayfinding and create a unified experience.

Earthen materials including concrete and stone ground the project, while lighter elements such as glass and metal provide diaphanous canopies filtering natural and artificial light.

Connecting one of Sydney’s busiest transport interchanges to Barangaroo through architectural expression, Wynyard Walk has created a unified identity and civic presence, delivering a socially sustainable piece of infrastructure to Sydney’s CBD.


Wynyard Walk

  • Sydney NSW
  • Australia
Completion: 2016
Used materials
  • Stone

Type of Building

Architect Office