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23DC Architects

Projects of 23DC Architects

Architecture; when you ask us to describe it, we say we breathe it! Yes, that is what architecture means to us. Going down the memory lane, when we began in 2009 it all started with pure passion for work and as clients invested their trust and dreams in us, we grew and grew. So much so, that in these nine years we can proudly say that we are one of the leading architectural firms in the region, through our sheer conviction and an eye of detail.

We, at 23DC, take pride in teamwork. This is the reason we value each member’s role in the team. As any architecture needs to have a strong foundation, we also believe in the same and thus firmly invest in our members and clients equally. After all, a building stands tall and steadfast on sturdy base of in-house team and clients who endow their trust in us.

Every single project is our best project, yes, weird it may sound to some but that is how we take it. We give each assignment out best shot from all angles right from master planning, space planning, programming, building analysis to interior designing. This just doesn’t stop here but we brainstorm every single project with profound research weighing each aspect through repeated discussions before reaching the final stage of application. We have a history of never letting our clients down, which is well reflected through our portfolio.

Innovation is our USP, be it your personal living space or the office which defines you. We stress on rendering spaces a soul through our design and architecture. We are open to new ideas and experimentations, which is how we evolve and innovate. Anything challenging is an avenue for growth, any rough terrain is chance to innovate; come up with something unexpected and offbeat, thus stretching our own limits.

In a large manner, we owe it to our clients who put their trust in us to come up with some of our most interesting and unique designs. Along with our team who work day and night to generate the kind of results we do, we thank our clients to stand by us and believe in us through all times.