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An Indian Modern House

An Indian Modern House

MAIN CONENT – This house in Jalandhar, India is a Contemporary design with elements of Indian Traditional houses. It is an outcome of several inputs and iterations from our design team which leads to proper utilization of irregular shape of land and also vision of client love for Indian elements. The entrance to the house is through deep corridor with ornamented stone Columns Elements like open Courtyard, jharokhas, etc. are incorporated in contemporary style so that it gives pure traditional Indian home feel. The plan is oriented to gain maximum landscape area. Light is given special consideration by way of location and orientation Connectivity of spaces, an open plan as well as privacy are balanced in the design, which is layered into three levels and connected with external Landscape spaces.

LAWN AREA – Courtyards provide open-to-sky, outdoor space away from the public eye. Family
activities can spill out, yet remain protected from the outside world. The space became an apt,
socio-cultural congruent providing ground space for the family, especially women and children to
carry out daily chores and festive celebrations. The central void became a connecting volume
between floors with visual, audio and physical link maintaining a rapport with vertically
segregated floors.

STAIR CASE AREA – Light is given special consideration. This open courtyard in house, which
viewed from every corner of house provides ample of natural light.

ENTRANCE – Main entrance foyer is greeted with a carved statue of Ganesha, the Hindu god who
preserves the world with prosperity, order and peace framed within Indian arch.

DRAWING ROOM – Indian design often calls to mind opulent rooms draped in colorful silks, but
some Indian interiors are quite simple and utilitarian. Hits of colors and pattern liven up the clean
lines of this contemporary Indian formal living space. Exotic artwork on the wall, calm, neutral
hues, simple furnishings, natural material and clean lines to create a balanced and harmonious

DINING AREA – The dining room is still the perfect place to share meal times and beautiful
moments with friends and family. A chandelier, wall art and mesmerizing furnishing are adding
more glory to the room.

MASTER BEDROOM – Indian decor is often rich in color, pattern and texture; just a few
strategically placed pieces can fill a room with exotic flair. An antique Indian bed back, handstitched
with beading and gold thread, completely transforms this urban loft bedroom into a
vibrant, energetic space.

LIVING AREA – Family lounge is the most sociable room in the house proving ample of seating for
family with the L-shaped lounger and poufy which plays multiple roles of footstool, a seat and a
coffee table if needed. An apt area to spend quality time with loved ones together.

TERRACE – The terrace features a fancy bar with a comfortable sitting lounge for resident to
enliven after a long day.

F.F. BALCONY – The coziest area in the house is the ceiling-mounted swing which serves as a
stress buster after the hustle and hectic day.


An Indian Modern House

  • Jalandhar
  • India
Completion: 2018
Used materials
  • Metal
  • Wood
  • Glass

Type of Building

Architect Office