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Aires Mateus

Projects of Aires Mateus

AIRES MATEUS is a firm that focuses on Architectural design. The studio’s work is recognized in several parts of the world being published recurrently around the globe. The studio is based in Lisbon and has two offices with 30 collaborators that work paired to one another. The scale of work ranges from large masterplans to the decoration of small projects. The studio is involved in all phases of the development of a project since the initial steps to the delivery of a building to the client. For this reasons it is a common practise to work with different experts in the fields of engineering, economy, contractors and promoters.

The relationship between the acts of designing is intimately connected with all the information that circles around it. It can never be a de-contextualized discipline, because lasting architecture isn’t born from ones hands, but from a large and precious complicity of distinct wills. This means that we are permanently in contact with consulters on the different phases of a project, a way to work, by having all our key staff profiting with the information from the consultants. This is the fundamental act of designing, like sharing and solving concerns with the promoter or the people that will in fact live in the future that we anticipate by producing a project.