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Alexanderson Arquitectos

Projects of Alexanderson Arquitectos

Pablo Alexanderson

Alexanderson Arquitectos is a Guadalajara, Mexico-based architecture studio, founded by Pablo Alexanderson in 2011 (graduated of the School of Architecture at the Instituto Tecnologico de Estudios Superiores de Occidente, ITESO).

Alexanderson Arquitectos is a small office characterized by the close relationship with its clients. Being the builders themselves, has allowed them to work more thoroughly the details and involve local materials in a more artisan way.

One of the main features of their projects is, the ability to integrate with the topography, creating spaces full of light, with clean lines and pure geometry.

Recently some projects have been published such as, Casa MK, Casa IC and Casa RO (project selected for the book “Lo mejor del Siglo XXI” Arquine publishing house).