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Gubbins Arquitectos

Projects of Gubbins Arquitectos

Gubbins Architects is an architectural office created in 1996 by Victor Gubbins, National Prize of architecture, and his son Peter Gubbins, honorary member of the AIA. Currently the office is headed by Peter Gubbins and has a team of more than 10 architects.
In the beginning the office was dedicated to urban projects like the project of a sports complex for 30,000 inhabitants, the Master Plan Megapuerto Mejillones, the study of  a Seaboard in Antofagasta, among others.
Currently the office is dedicated to projects of private and public architecture, most of them awarded by public tender. With interest in the works of education, culture and offices today highlight of his recent works are School Manuel Anabalón Saez, the Neighbor Service Center in Peñalolén and the College of Engineers of Chile.