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Kuryłowicz & Associates

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Kuryłowicz & Associates Architecture Studio was founded in 1990 by Prof Stefan Kuryłowicz( 1949 – 2011 ) Now it is run by prof. arch. Ewa Kuryłowicz PhD, DSc,( general designer, vice-president), arch. Piotr Kuczynski ( vice-president ) and  Marek Kuryłowicz ( board member ) .
Today, it is one of the most renowned and titled architectural company in the Poland. It employs 80 experienced architects in offices in Warsaw and Wroclaw. The studio can boast many prestigious realizations in the whole country. It has experience in designing
investments of every size and function. Throughout the time of its activity, the studio has gained the reputation of a reliable partner.

Throughout the time of its activity, the studio has gained the reputation of a reliable partner, able to present solutions of the highest quality within the fixed time and budget. Besides standard and complex architectural services, the company also offers counsel and support regarding advertisement and investment promotion .

The quality of the solutions delivered by the company has been awarded many times both in Poland and abroad. But the biggest prize is the rich portfolio of satisfied customers,  many of which have been co-operating with us for many years.

The studio  is made of people interested in creative aspect of architectural design as well as in built architecture of different typology – from small residential houses through multifamily settlements , office  city buildings, hotels, retail complexes , municipal town halls , museums, concert halls , sport stadiums up to industrial facilities of different kind .   It provides a  broad scope of services – architectural design from the  concept phase up to the stage of working drawings , along with the comprehensive technical building control by thorough controlling the construction and project budget .It assumes responsibility for obtaining the building use permit. The core of the Studio is made up of the specialists with vast professional experience who have co-operated with each other for several years. Owing to the training and education cycle having been intentionally carried out, the company employs  6  architects’ associates  who are also the  team leaders . The other architects perform the roles oft he project managers , designers and assistant designers .Their expertise and talent enable management of the project from the stage of creative concept through to the execution of the structure. The company has been permanently co-operating with the proven structural engineering offices and MEP offices. Depending on the size of the project, at least several persons representing all disciplines participate in its development. Over 100 persons in total are constantly involved in the company’s projects.