ARCHIPENDIUM von Architekten für Architekten

PKMN [pac-man] Architectures

Projects of PKMN [pac-man] Architectures

Architecture & Design We do research into city construction based on fields such us industrialisation or typology, we work on consolidated urban environments reflecting on local identities and heritage as contemporary issues and we implement tools for territory and public space re-activation.

Social Innov-action  We develop strategies and participation dynamics to enhance personal capacities and identities, we test new processes based on acting and action to empower every individual as a potential agent able to perform changes on his/her environment, and to generate economic, social, environmental and cultural added values.

Pedagogy & Research_ We investigate and build up new methodologies and learning formats based on direct experience and experiment; we set out connections to local identities on every educational process we manage so as to produce added values on the contexts of reflection and work.