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Vazio S/A

Projects of Vazio S/A

Vazio S/A Architecture and Urbanism mixes research and practice. For the studio, an integrated vision of the sister disciplines of architecture, landscaping and urbanism is a core strategy in the face of the challenges posed by ecology dynamics and the complexity of our cities. Whether it’s in the design of furniture, residences, cultural facilities or office buildings, an interdisciplinary approach prevails in everything the studio does.

We strive for an active approach that is full of purpose, a vision of informality, empty spaces and the market as something that can point the way towards new projects and opportunities. Allied with the portfolio of a conventional firm (houses, commercial buildings, urban design, etc.) is an experimental studio that explores architecture competitions, publications, partnerships with social and artistic groups, and ephemeral urban interventions in search of new relationships between contemporary culture and architecture.

Vazio S/A has won numerous national and international accolades, including the influential Architectural Review Emerging Architecture Award; has constructed projects in Brazil, Canada and the UK; and has featured at important art exhibitions, such as the Venice Architecture Biennale and the São Paulo Art Bienal.

Among the studio’s most recent constructed projects are VDA (an apartment building designed and partially developed by Vazio S/A), CABH (the winning design for the new municipal government headquarters in Belo Horizonte), H3O (a sports and leisure park with a community center in the Serra shantytown), Cerrado House (a house in the Brazilian savannah) and the temporary installation Structural Archaelogy.