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A House for the Artist

A House for the Artist

Project Description

A house for the artist Leo Schötz as a place to work and live. The studio and residential house is located on a meadow plot between Pulling and Blaibach in the Bavarian Forest at about 400 m above sea level. The meadow, the forest, the river and the connecting road form geographically linear structures in the landscape. Following these natural forms, a very narrow, elongated building with a length of 27 m and a width of 7.5 m was built. The shape of the building, with its saddle roof and the straightforward details of high craftsmanship, refers to the traditional farmhouses of the Bavarian Forest. The uniform material selection of the Corten stainless steel skin for façade and roof underlines the monolithic character of the building. Like a sculpture, the steel blanket lies in the corridor and fits into the harsh East Bavarian landscape. The few openings in different sizes refer to significant points in the immediate vicinity: the places Pulling and Blaibach, the concrete railway bridge over the river from the year 1927 and the forest.

Inside the building are robust materials such as oak, crude steel and OSB cladding in the atmospheric coexistence of the exposed concrete for walls, ceilings and a part of the floors.

The visitor is led over a footpath to the building, which leads to the rear entrance. From there you reach the studio as a one-room volume, past a set function box for wardrobe, WC, kitchenette and picture storage. A straightforward, powerful frame for artistic work. On the other side is the living and guest area. The two-storey main room for cooking and eating is the center. Behind it are the individual rooms like sleeping and bath. The gallery is accessed from the living area, via a bridge, into the studio on the top of the set function box. The studio is overlooked by this retreat.


A House for the Artist

  • Black Forest, Bavaria
  • Germany
Completion: 2016
Used materials
  • Metal

Type of Building

Architect Office