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Agriculture School

Agriculture School

Project Description

The solution in terms of function

The stables are laid out around a central courtyard. On the one hand this ensures short routes and a clear overview from every point in the yard. This layout allows the staff to carry out their daily work with maximum efficiency. A continuous canopy roof provides protection from the weather in accessing all parts of the complex. The stables intervene radically in the surroundings and are surrounded by open spaces, air and sunlight. This establishes an adequate relationship to outdoor space for the animals.

The solution in terms of construction

In principle three different tectonic levels are articulated, each of which is expressed by means of its respective materials:
•    Those parts that rest on the ground are made of concrete.
•    The rising walls are built in lightweight timber frame or timber rod construction.
•    The roofs are load bearing wooden structures and covered with extensive green planting.


Agriculture School

  • Güssing
  • Austria
Completion: 2015
Used materials
  • Wood

Type of Building

Architect Office