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Almost Invisible Resort

Almost Invisible Resort

Project Description

The project is located on a hill in the area of Bodrum. The untouched, natural beauty of the site, the breathtaking views of the Mediterranean and the sustainable eco-living were the guiding parameters in shaping the master plan.

Being one of the first developments, the project aims at being an exemplary intervention. In the careful effort not to disrupt the beautiful hill-scape, we aimed to subdue all visible physical presence. The village townhouses are organized in linear strata echoing the agricultural landscaping typical to the Mediterranean. A big bulk of the physical intervention in this zone is camouflaged inside those landscaped terraces.  This strategy allows for the bigger villas to be more spread out and benefit from generous landscaped lots with uninterrupted sea views.  All villas are single floor and are discretely inserted in the terrain.

Sustainable transportation is catered for in the project. The main circulation is carried out through electrical carts and shuttles, paralleled with dedicated paths for bicycles and e-bikes.

The project maximizes the use of indigenous materials. The materials used have a high recycled content and are locally available; the stone used is from the land itself.



Almost Invisible Resort

  • Bodrum
  • Turkey
Completion: N/A
Used materials
  • Stone

Type of Building

Architect Office