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Babel Schools

Babel Schools

Project Description

Situated on a 5580 m² lot, Babel Schools creates an ideal educational platform that is physically at the heart of a planned residential development, while also being one of its primary catalysts. By the simplicity, boldness, and modularity of its design, it embodies a new typology, an architectural prototype that can be easily adapted to other Iraqi contexts.

While being entirely introverted, the project creates its own rich vistas, giving views onto a lush central green heart.  This sheltered garden is the visual focal point from every space in the project.  It provides ample recreational and shaded areas for the students to enjoy at different times of the day. Furthermore, the concept of the central courtyard is often used as a passive cooling strategy in countries with hot climates.

The traditional brick of the region, which has an approximate width to height ratio of 2:1, is the driving conceptual force behind the project.  The structural grid bases itself from the classroom dimension of 8×8 m2, which when arranged in pairs, creates a similar proportion to the brick module. The modest structural composition further addresses the low budget requested for the project.


Babel Schools

  • Al-Hillah, Babylon
  • Iraq
Completion: N/A
Used materials
  • Concrete

Type of Building

Architect Office