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Beveridge Mews

Beveridge Mews

Project Description

Beveridge Mews is a social housing project set around a community garden in Stepney Green. The newly landscaped and densely planted community garden has a delightful new terrace of eight large contemporary family houses.

The new row of houses is conceived as a continuation of the timber garden fences of the existing housing blocks. They are constructed from timber and configured as a series of stepped and notched south and east facing garden terraces, and they employ a unique courtyard/terraced housing hybrid typology.

Each house has a private entrance courtyard with fully glazed screens leading into both a bright and airy living area and separate kitchen / diner. Bedrooms at first and second floors have terraces and balconies looking out over the garden.

The houses are designed to provide large family sized houses to tackle problems of over-crowding in multi- generational households currently living in small apartments elsewhere on the estate.  The brief therefore means that these houses need to cater for all ages and abilities. The houses have been carefully designed to maximize inclusive design, and the large number of bedrooms is reflected in the over-sized communal living spaces, which are generously arranged to allow easy manoeuvrability around the house.  All houses are arranged at street level, with level access into all thresholds.  The houses are designed to meet the requirements of Lifetime Homes.

The scheme was designed to meet Code for Sustainable Homes Level 3.

The eight large family houses are 100% social rented homes. All houses are currently tenanted. The first family to move into the new terrace was Mr and Mrs Abby and their seven children.


Beveridge Mews

  • London
  • United Kingdom
Completion: 2012
Used materials
  • Stone

Type of Building

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