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Bridge at Roosendal Station

Bridge at Roosendal Station

Project Description

Designed by West 8, the 188-metre-long steel bridge at Roosendaal Station was tasked with improving the accessibility and vibrancy of the neighbourhoods adjacent to the railway station. Notwithstanding its importance as an urban link, the bridge also improves the overall perception of the station environment. In form, scale, structure and colour, the bridge engages in a dialogue with the specific physical characteristics of the area, the monumental station and new future development.
The clean form and strong lines of the bridge are softened by its blue-grey hue, which draws attention to the striking artwork installed at either end of the bridge. This three-dimensional tree pattern realised in steel was designed by a local artist, Anna Niederbremer.

Built with a composite truss girder, the height of the truss is fully exploited in order to obtain maximum transparency, which is accentuated by glass balustrades and robust, but elegant detailing. As an integral part of the walkway for travellers, the bridge’s simple lattice structure allows users to feel like they are really ‘in’ the bridge and not over it or ‚on‘ it.



Bridge at Roosendal Station

  • Roosendaal
  • Netherlands
Completion: 2014
Used materials
  • Metal

Type of Building

Architect Office