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CMA-CGM Headquarters

CMA-CGM Headquarters

Project Description

Three carefully detailed glass prisms, intersected by a full-height atrium, slide against each other to create a machine to work in.

The prisms follow a rational design concept that allows for the greatest efficiency and flexibility in space planning. An ambitious structural design and a judicious location for the vertical service shafts and circulation cores mean the 81% of floor plates are virtually clear of any columns obstructing the views or the furniture layouts.

While the building offers a distinctive sculpted silhouette, all office plates are set on standard  planning grids, alloing them to readily accommodate the market’s standard partitions, furniture and fittings.

The innovative facade concepts, with fixed vertical stone sun screens shading elements on the SW facade and the ventilated screen facade facing NE and NW, using a high selective glass will minimize the solar gains in addition to protecting this areas against the high external noise level.

It is an architecture that states with simple timeless elegance the image of a corporate giant with environmental sensitivity and a family oriented business culture.


CMA-CGM Headquarters

  • Beirut
  • Lebanon
Completion: 2011
Used materials
  • Metal
  • Stone

Type of Building

Architect Office