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Crystal Laputa

Crystal Laputa

Crystal Laputa is a vertical community located in Chengdu that aims to redefine the standards of modern high-rise dwelling by restoring the inhabitants’ connection to the environment and to each other.

Through a series of sky parks, land bridges and waterways, Crystal Laputa establishes a multi-dimensional system for residents rooted in the ecological features of the project’s lake and green spaces.

The 150,000 square meter project consists of two high-rise towers and one mid-rise building, nestled in in a park-like setting along the water’s edge.

Each unit features a personal garden and casita positioned between the elevator core and unit entrance, allowing the experience of nature to extend to the project’s upper levels. On the exterior, the tower façades vary in form in response to different unit configurations, exhibiting a range of shapes that play with volume and distinguish each unit from the next.

Designed to evoke a floating neighborhood in the sky, the towers hover over an expansive lake, interconnected by elevated walkways and land bridges.

These bridges link and unify three different modes of transit: pedestrian walkways, a vehicle roadway, and docks for the project’s onsite fleet of water taxis. A generous third-floor sky park connects all three towers and contains recreational spaces to engage the community in outdoor activities. At the grade level, paths and walkways are peppered with play areas and running trails to reinforce the project’s connection to the environment and to maximize social engagement.

The project’s surrounding lake is a modern reflection of the canals and waterways that once naturally flowed through the site. It also serves as a key environmental asset, providing a natural habitat for migrating wildlife and as a resource for surrounding vegetation.


Crystal Laputa

  • Chengdu
  • China
Completion: 2017
Used materials
  • Glass

Type of Building

Architect Office