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Development of Archeological remains

Development of Archeological remains

Project Description

Archeological remains found around the Place Marchi could rather be seen as real roots that mere traces. These sites, and more specifically the ancient thermal baths, must be revealed, protected and enhanced. This has to be done with clarity, simplicity, sensibility and with a cultural approach, unique to our time.

Architecture and landscape are tools, which can be used to develop this ancient heritage. The relationship between ruins and new constructions has to be straightforward, poetic and definitely contemporary.

The remains are purposely brought to front, to make them readable and attractive. The ark becomes a visible landmark on Place Marchi. Peripheral paths are integrated into the existing urban structure and add a new dimension to the perception of this heritage.


Development of Archeological remains

  • Niederbronn les Bains
  • France
Completion: 2011
Used materials
  • Concrete

Type of Building

Architect Office