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Guest House [hanare]

Guest House [hanare]

Mr. Kenkichi Nakano, who came down with illness, but left a will to his wife, Mineko san, „Do what you want to do“.

She followed it, and now runs „Ken’s gallery cafe“. Although some customers came for the cafe or Kito citron, there were no place to stay at, therefore this guesthouse was built.

This is an image of from ordinary life to extraordinary one , from reality world to unrealistic one.

The house itself, its height stays low. in order to match the surroundings. 

Guest rooms are designed to be used for various purposes.

In a part of the house, the local materials are selected, and for finishing, various natural materials are used.

Preserving the beautiful state trees, the existing bundle stones, left after rebuilding, turns to stone decoration for boundary between newly built gravel and grass.

By „Do what Mineko san wants to do“, visitors would enjoy Kito village, and the guesthouse more.


Guest House [hanare]

  • Tokushima
  • Japan
Completion: 2017
Used materials
  • Wood

Type of Building

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