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Haddington Park

Haddington Park

An extension and renovation of a 1940’s bungalow in Glenageary, Co. Dublin.

Within a regular grid and structurally efficient timber roof structure, a new living space is created for a young family. Beneath this protective timber lattice, lies a brickwork wall, which surrounds and encloses, but never touches the roof, creating high-level openings through which morning sunlight can enter while providing privacy to neighbouring houses. The brickwork wall starts in the corner as an alcove for a window seat, folds to form a log store and bends to enclose an oak bench: the focal point of family life.

High-level mirrors over the kitchen appear to double the length of the room, and conceal a utility and shower room behind.A simple material palette provides a robust yet tactile environment: an alternative take on the ‘single storey rear extension’.


Haddington Park

  • Glenageary
  • County Dublin
  • Ireland
Completion: 2018
Used materials
  • Wood
  • Concrete
  • Brick

Type of Building

Architect Office