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HAFNIA Sports Hall

HAFNIA Sports Hall

The Hafnia Sports Hall is a transformation of the former ‘Club Denmark Hall’. Here the original glue laminated wooden beams that span northern Europe’s biggest sports hall has been strengthened.

Under the arched roof the inner life of the hall is transformed into a multifunctional sports universe with small and large football pitches, beach volley courts, handball and badminton courts, fitness area and a climbing wall for school, leisure and elite sport. Heated, semi-heated and unheated areas are organized around the hall’s bright red clubhouse.

The red building, with changing rooms and staff facilities, is the social heart of the sports hall. All surfaces of the clubhouse are designed to be used for sports activities from the balcony, sloping façades, climbing wall to the climbing steps. At both ends of the hall spaces for various activities are placed three storeys high, with views of the hall and the outside area.

Along the edge of the hall the original Olympic sized running track has been preserved for crossfit, parkour, table tennis, running and games. The large glass façades in both ends of the hall connect activities under the roof with the outside.




HAFNIA Sports Hall

  • Copenhagen
  • Denmark
Completion: 2017
Used materials
  • Glass

Type of Building

Architect Office