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Het Bosch (Restaurant | Penthouse | Boathouse)

Het Bosch (Restaurant | Penthouse | Boathouse)

Project Description

‚HET BOSCH‘ Boathouse/Restaurant/Penthouse

Restaurant ‘Het Bosch’ by JagerJanssen architects in collaboration with DREISSEN architects is located at a superb location on the Nieuwe Meer lakeside [Amsterdam, NL], a stone’s throw away from the Southern Amsterdam business district.
The design has two distinct faces: one towards the marina and one facing the Nieuwe Meer lake. Both faces derive their qualities and appearance from the surroundings. The marina side is rough, seeking relation with boat hangar architecture. The lake facade is more horizontal, broad and refined. Large transparent surfaces exhibit the restaurant interior. The characteristic roof intermediates between these two aspects: it morphs from 3-pithced roof to a straight edge. This space saving configuration makes it possible to fit the desired program into the tight prescribed envelope.
A magnificent few from the restaurant is created by lifting the built volume. This intervention gives room to a storage space for 6 sloops underneath the restaurant. By using a durable and prefab construction of laminated wooden elements, the building time was significantly reduced.


Het Bosch (Restaurant | Penthouse | Boathouse)

  • Amsterdam
  • Netherlands
Completion: 2010
Used materials
  • Wood
  • Glass

Type of Building

Architect Office