ARCHIPENDIUM von Architekten für Architekten

Project Description

The exceptional property with its unusual topography and remarkable views towards the city of Linz and the industrial area of Voest were starting points for the design of this project. The idea was not to adjust the surrounding terrain to the house but to insert the building into the existing landscape. An elongated two-story structure penetrates the uprising terrain in order to stand out at the end of the tip over a small slope. While the entrance area and the garage are located at the lower level, the living area, terrace, pool and garden are situated on the upper level. Moreover, the cardinal points and particularly the outstanding views were decisive for the design. While the kitchen and living room are aligned towards the urban space and the industrial area in the south-west, the gaze from the terrace and pool is directed towards the greenbelt in the south.



  • Steyregg
  • Austria
Completion: 2014
Used materials
  • Plastering

Type of Building

Architect Office