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Deha Proje Office

Deha Proje Office

Project Description

The building is located in a villa settlement in Incek, Ankara and it will serve as the headquarters of an engineering company. The basic criterion of the employer is to have the building differentiated from the surrounding buildings highlighting the vision of the company and to create pleasant spaces that increase motivation of the employees.
The building consists of two masses; one of them is the linear mass having an opaque surface and other one is the transparent mass with permeable surface. With interlocking of these two masses, dynamic volumes and forms are created in the interior and exterior. Maximum space is allocated to green areas in parcel scale and semi-open entrance area defined by top cover, provided continuity of green areas in the front and back gardens. 5m console of the library/meeting room in the upper floor is a protected area of the back garden in summer days. This big console has cubic geometric shape.
By creating different spaces enlarged and elevated via gaps in each floor of the building, volumetric and visual depth is provided in the building designed in a limited land area.
The building has total 4 floors consisting of garden floor, entrance floor, first floor and roof. The waiting/reception area with a gallery above at the entrance floor is connected to the library/meeting console with different elevation in the one direction and to the mass including working offices by a corridor in other direction.
The gallery above the waiting/reception area at the first floor is integrated with the studio. The form of the roof is perceived from the studio and it is a spacious area with varying elevation. The mass including the working offices in the ground floor repeats itself in this floor as well.
The roof includes manager offices and a big terrace. A visual connection in the interior is also provided between the manager offices and the studio in the 1st floor.
The dining room and social area for the employees to have lunch as well as to spent leisure time are located at the garden floor and these spaces are integrated to the garden with the opening of transparent sliding doors.


Materials Specs

When we had failures at the production of exposed concrete facade in the on-going construction process, it was decided to move on with C Stone product by kalesinterflex which also appeared to be conforming with the spirit of the design. Kalesinterflex dimensions allowed desired jointing system to be applied and its material performance let the design decisions to be realized.
Other than the kalesinterflex used on all surfaces, zinc was used as standing seam metal roofing in this plain building.

To have the same level for glass surfaces with the facade is an important design decision. Schüco Windows AWS system was used for windows opening in parallel without disrupting the geometry on flat face. This provides the best ventilation with the wide openings.

The simplicity achieved in the exterior of the building was also reflected in the interior. Pietra basaltina edilgres ceramics cover the floor in the waiting hall, floor halls, wet areas and terraces. Also ceramic step profiles of the same material were used on stairs.

In addition to their usage on floors, Kale products were also used on interior wall surfaces. The design consisting of kalesinterflex modules is included behind the reception desk. Gravel grey kalesinterflex was used on wall surfaces of wet areas. Mood Board La China Plank with wooden look on the garden floor meets the Kalesinterflex Antresit with linear line in the dining section.


Deha Proje Office

  • Ankara
  • Turkey
Completion: 2014
Used materials
  • Glass
  • Concrete

Type of Building

Architect Office